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It was early last year, when I returned from sabbatical to blogging and stepped my baby foot back.. My Facebook was flooded with a wholesome lot of new faces with drooling food photography in their posts… So much had transpired over two years and I felt completely like a new bee!
 I used to salivate at the scintillating kebabs,tikka’s and curry’s. The moody pictures just made me go back on them over and over again ?? Ooo the still life’s – Do I need to mention about it ?? I am talking about the gorgeous Farrukh Aziz Ansari, the creative director behind her blog – Cubes n Juliennes. Don’t forget to hop over to her space .
A couple of months have passed by and I haven’t introduced my favourite blogs and their writers. It can’t get any better than introducing one of  my inspirations .. She was kind enough to accept guest posting in my space and I am all charge up.
Over to Charming Farrukh for this delectable tikka’s.


Weather here in Bangalore is very much unpredictable, within minutes an overcast  undergo a change to bright sun and then again to brisk air, replaced by heavy rains at night. With Heavy rains out,this is the time when all you need is to devour some hot soup followed by some hot  grilled kebabs to comfort yourself. Yeah, this post is dedicated to all you kebab lovers out there.And the space where I am sharing this wonderful recipe of this special kebab is my dear friend Sandhya Hariharan’s beautiful blog. Thank you so much Sandhya for inviting me to do a guest post at your graceful space.
 I met Sandhya virtually on FB a year back through one of the photography group. What mesmerising pictures and alluring food with descriptive recipes she has on her a blog. I was much enthralled by her request for the post and thats when I decided to share lip-smacking recipe of this irresistible Saunfia Paneer Tikka. Succulent soft Paneer ( cottage cheese) marinated in richness flavoured with fennel and saffron gives it immensely subtle flavours makes this kebabs  a regal feast for your family and friends. An ideal delicacy not only for parties but any festive season too.
Let’s go through how do we do this at home…


500 gms, paneer ( cottage cheese), cut into 1.5 inch cubes
1 cup, capsicum cubes
3/4 cup, fresh cream ( you may use low fat cream)
A pinch of saffron (slightly crushed)
4 tablespoon, hung curd
1 teaspoon, fennel seeds, roasted and crushed coarsely
1/2 teaspoon, cardamom powder
3/4 teaspoon, freshly cracked black pepper
1 teaspoon, green chili paste ( you may adjust accordingly)
1 tablespoon, ginger-garlic paste
Juice of 1 large lemon
 Salt as per taste
10 ml, oil
 Melted butter for basting
In a large bowl combine hung curd, cream, saffron, fennel seeds, cardamom powder, green chili paste, ginger-garlic paste, lemon juice,oil, salt and black pepper. Mix well
Add paneer cubes and capsicum cubes, gently mix to marinate them.
Cover and keep it aside for 15 minutes.
Skewer the marinated paneer and capsicum alternately
Heat grill pan and slightly brush with melted butter and grill skewered panner basting with melted butter. Grill from all the sides, it will take approx 5-6 minutes.
Alternatively you can grill it in tandoor or in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 5-6 minutes basting with melted butter intermittently.
Once done, take them out and serve them hot with onion rings, lemon wedges and mint-yogurt dip.


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  • Amazing shots! Lovely recipe

  • Sandhya, what a nice idea to bring other fellow blogger's work into attention. Look at the second picture – those paneers are staring at me and asking me to finish them.
    Farrukh is unique and a pro. I started my photography journey by looking at her photos at Sikandalous Cuisine. First I thought, she is a man – then I realised she is a lovely graceful lady! Keep doing whatever you're doing and love your unique photography always.
    Love and Hugs

  • This is simply gorgeous! As always love Farrukh's work! Sandhya great work in sharing your space with fellow bloggers!

  • I have always been a big fan of Farrukh, she is not only an awesome blogger but a humble human being too… Good to see her here with these tantalising tikkas…

  • Hello, the recipe is very delicious.thanks for sharing.


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