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Hi ya,

I am Sandhya Hariharan, a Londoner by choice, South Indian by birth with an upbringing in Mumbai fondly known as Bombay in India. There is diversity in Taste, Language, Culture, Style and eagerness to learn  anytime.
Over the Years, I have collected and am collecting recipes, some traditional and some classic from Family and Friends.I wanted to compile them all in an online journal. A beginning of a Gastronomy Blog. A space that was meant to be personal and just for my own record. Gazing through the wonderful blogs online, I let Sandhya’s Kitchen come to life with a new beginning, a new story to unfold with each post. 

Sandhya’s Kitchen is an amalgamation of my obsession for food photography & styling along with cooking.

Honestly speaking, I am not really a sage from the stage! I have committed my fair share of mistakes and at times I am clueless too. In this space, I commit to bringing you the best of what I am learning and to keep it Authentic.

So, here I am, a Stirring Mummy, who is combating in her daily routine being a full-time cook, a referee between her fussy kids, a passionate wife, an obsessive amateur Food photographer + Food stylist, Budding Writer and an Art Director at Sandhya’s Kitchen.


All the content and photograph in this blog are a copyright of Sandhya’s Kitchen. Please ASK before reproducing, publishing or displaying my Work. The Images as seen in this blog are not available for free usage in any form.Kindly shoot me an email requesting for permission.

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  • Lovely writeup. Nice knowing more about you Sandhya!

  • Hey thanks ya…. 🙂

  • The blog felt and looked very different from the last time I visited here. Love the change.

    Glad to have got a chance to know you better. Love your smile!

  • thats very sweet of you Anisha.. Thank you for writing…

  • First time here Sandhya…love your space. More glad I am 'cos I found a UK blogger:)

  • Jeez…If the names of dishes don't make me salivate and want to cook them right away, the photographs that accompany the recipe make sure I do! If only I had more time to cook while in this graduate student phase of my life!

  • Hi Sandhya,

    Nice blog…love to found a London vegetarian food blogger… me too from India. Keep in touch xx

  • Hello there Sandhya

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  • Lovely blog and amazing pictures. So glad to have stumbled upon your page 🙂

  • Just loved your new home sandhya.. Always look forward to your posts.. 🙂

  • Hello Sandhya,

    I love the pictures in your blog <3 . Was that you who shared tips on food photography? I remember having read it somewhere.
    Can you share that link to me please?


  • Glad to stumble upon your lovely blog… Your pics are simply awesome..


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