Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies

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Christmas Gift Guide for FoodiesIt’s again the time of the year that echo’s Tinsels, Baubles, Gift list, edible gifts and what not !! Dates for the Christmas Fair has been put up in Schools. Hello, December!!! Have you sorted out your Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies, 2015?

It’s the time of the year to slip into festivity and enjoy the merry season with the spree. Family Holidays are all about spending time with loved ones and also to enjoy the precious moments relaxing. Glad it is not too far away !!  Once the tree is up, the official countdown for Xmas begins. We enjoy adorning the tree with tinsels and baubles. If at all I get a chance, hoping to decorate the tree with some edible ornamentation.
Each of us actually have a hankering list hoping Santa will fulfill them all 🙂

Two years ago, we started this tradition of buying a new set of pyjama’s for kids that they could wear on the occasion of Christmas eve and then happily tuck away in their beds. And next Morning Santa would come down the chimney and leave their fancy presents under the tree. Just on the Christmas Day, kids wake up promptly (without any alarm or wakey wakey), waiting to unwrap the presents, to see if Santa actually got them what they wished for.
So I tell the kiddo’s If you want your presents – Santa expects you to behave well and Be Kind.
From Kitchen Gadgets to Books and Food Morsels, Listing a few thingy’s I would love to see them under my Christmas Tree this year and a few I would love to gift my near & dear. Promise to behave well Santa… I am hoping you are reading this !!!

Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies


OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker – 45£
CornishwareStripe Mug – 12£
CornishwareSugar Pot – 16£
Coffee Trekkers Coffee + Cafeteria – 49£
Ombar Organic Chocolate Bars – 1.99£ each

Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies

Squires Kitchen Pretty Patisserie – 21.99£
Formahouse SparQ Moscow Mule Mugs – 15£
Formahouse Chilly’s Bottle – 20£
40 flavours Jelly Beans Gift Hamper – 16£

Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies

Edge of Belgravia Precision Knifes – 69.90£
dotcomgiftshop Vintage Kitchen Scale – 19.99£
Glentrothes Vintage Reserve, perfect gift for HIM – 39.90£
Borderfileds 4 Infusions made Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil – 10£

Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies

Tefal Opti Grill – 89£
Le Creuset Fiery Orange Oval Casserole – 130£

Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies

KitchenAid Stand Mixer – 404.10£
dotcomgiftshop White Enamel Colander – 14.95£
Oak&RopeCompany Personalised Jars – 45£
Moose Maple Butter – 4.50£

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 I spend countless hours gazing at many of them and have compiled this gifts list. Some of them were sent as sample and some of them are in my wishlist !! I was not expected to express a positive opinion and all the opinions expressed here are my own.

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