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Chutney Powder – Andhra Special

Chutney Powder - Andhra Special

India – rich in its diverse culture, language and heritage, comprises of 29 states and 12 Union Territories. Each state has its own regional language with a variant local dialects and food.  Just like Coriander Powder, Cumin Powder, Garam Masala Powder and Kadai Masala is core to North Indian, it is Panch Phoran for Bengali’s. For SouthIndian’s it is Sambar Powder, Rasam Powder and Dosa Milagai Podi. These powders are core Pantry Stock Fillers that come handy every other day.

Milagaipodi /Molagapodi | Edible Gun Powder – A side for Dosa’s & Idli

Today, again I am writing this post for my own record. Writing down the recipes that comes from the family. Amma made Dosa Molagapodi aka Milagai podi when she visited me and I made sure I write it down in bits and bobs for my book. Then just like other classics – Rasam & Sambar , I am adding this recipe to the catalogue of  homemade powders.
This recorded recipe is bound to come handy someday !!
I never make any of these podi’s as its taken for granted that they come from home 🙂 Amma, Patty or my Chithi make them for me… So every year , I get a stock of fresh podi’s make by the expertised hands…. 

Sambar Powder..

T  ime to attack on the recipe from my grandma’s kitchen again!! This recipe is very dear to me.. as this was my first drafted recipe for blogging. I have now reworked on it with clicks and post makeup 🙂 . Both my granny ‘s have been extremely good in their kitchens… and have been know for their specialities..
My paternal granny is no more around.. that I can ask her for anything.. Have been thro a very lean period  after my granny leaving abode this March….
This recipe comes from my Maternal granny.. She is quite good in new inventions .. and has been measuring with cups and tablespoons only for me .. Isnt it nice of her… For anything that I want to cook , I will ask patty  ” How many tspns?? What is the size of the cup ?? ” Have been
really troubling her ever since I got married .. heheh

Rasam Powder straight from my Grandma’s Kitchen

Rasam Powder

B ringing this Podi straight from my grandma’s kitchen. This was first among the recipes I jotted before moving to London . You will find a difference in my lingo in this post… 🙂 Coz its just as my darling granny told me in her broken tanglish and I did a literal translation. Till date I have never bought any of these kitchen essential powders.. Just love the home made aroma…