Mangakari | Raw Mango Picke – Brahmin Special | Essential for Kerala Sadhya

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As the New Year begins, each year, I start looking forward to my holidays mid year.. Start planning for my trip to India – where do I visit ? whom to catch up?  what to buy for the family ? What presents shall I take back home that can bring a little smile on faces, Essentially, something that they always wanted or something they wished to have. Are there any new kids in the block ,after i have last visited? Isnt it an amazing time planning for it, shopping for it and then carrying it along .. Trust me half the year passes by just like that..

Then I begin to work on the lineup – what I need to bring back home? what do i miss eatery wise? Any Indian attires to jazz up my wadrobe? And What not …. I soo do love fabric in India.. We just have the right pure fabric! I do value them soo much, being in London. Cotton has a Hefty PRICE and I really mean it ! So I do raid brands buying robes & ribbons and they look absolutely classic and contemporary in style back here. That is exactly what we want, isnt it!!! My mum n H are perfect companions when I go hand picking in variant times.

My trip to India has another whole purpose…Eating out everyday atleast a meal. London does have restaurants ,but we are not spoilt for choices.Hence going back, we enjoy one full fledged meal home and the second meal has to be at a fast food outlet, dhabha, sandwitch bar, bistro, grill zone, dosa corner or a messy space…We make an elaborate list of places to attacck!! Not kidding at all.. I have to eat all the chats out in the market in Delhi , begining with Bisleri Gol Guppa ( Just to be safe !! lol) , Ragda Pattice, Sev Puri, Dahi Puri , Chole Bhature and so forth… And then when we fly down to Bangalore, I have a fresh list completely apart and comfort .

As we fly from one place to another, I start to realise my recession is about to confine and I want to take back whole caboodle that I miss Amma makes at home..  Sambar powder, Rasam Powder ,Thenga podi, Chunda ( A gujrathi raw mango sweet sour picke), Mangakari ( Raw Mango Picke – Kerala Style) and so forth ! But imagine what can a portmanteau can restrain?

But this time, it was different ! Neither did we plan for a travel , nor are we travelling. But Amma visited me for two weeks , which wrapped up last week… These 2 weeks were a bliss and a bless! We all holidayed day in dayout with kids having their term break. Amma did my school run, to give me a break from my routine and rounds. Is that sweet !! Miss you ma …

She did everything that we would love to do in India..Lending me a helping hand to sort my culinary corner, cooked up delicacies that I do tremble and hesiste to cook. H enjoyed his feast .. Guess Mum’s know that !! Being a mum of two, I would realise that as they grow older probably!!
Before Ma’s trip was drawing to a closure, Amma made me all the powders, pickes that we need for the year and sweets that lil V & S adore 🙂 Talking of Pickle, It was Mangakari , Pulikachal / Puli Inji , Naraga Urugai (Lemon Pickle )…

 Mangakari is something I dot upon.. My comfort pickle with Yogurt rice!! Yummy Yumm… SO here it is .. just as Amma made, I wrote down the recipe for my own records !! I have never made before, so this was just the right time and right recipe to post .

Mangakari is an essentially loved Brahmin Special pickle at home and is relished with Curd Rice. It is also an essential item in a  Kerala Sadhya feast.


Raw Mango  / Pacha Mangai5 Cups
Salt1 Cup
Chilli Powder3/4 Cup
Turmeric1/4 Tsp

** We have used 10 oz. Corelle bowl as 1 Cup
Measurement for this pickle is 5:1:1 for the first three ingredients.
Chilli powder can be reduced or increased up to 1 Cup depending upon the spiciness.


Methi Seeds /Mendhiyam2 Tsp
Mustard Seeds1/4 Tsp
Asofoetida /Peringayam1 Tsp
Dried Red Chilli/ Molagavettal2-3  ( Optional)
Til Oil2 Tblspn

** Use Coconut Oil, if you are intending to make instant pickle


  • Dice the mango into small equal pieces.Add salt, chilli powder and turmeric and mix it well until the raw mango is well coated.
  • Heat the fry pan and fry the methi seeds until red color is achieved. Add the dried red chillies and fry for another 30 seconds . Powder it fine.
  • Heat oil to the smoking point and add mustard seeds.It should crackle right away. Turn of the gas and immediately add asafoetida. Allow it to cool down.
  • Pour the oil mixture and the powder over the mango and mix it well. Set it aside for 30 minutes before you serve. Enjoy this yummilicious pickle with curd rice. After 4-5 hours, you could store this in glass containers and stack it in fridge.This pickle can be enjoyed for up to 2 weeks.

For Instant  Manga Kari Pickle :

  • Use Coconut oil instead of Til Oil . Add all the powders to the finely chopped mango pieces.

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  • This pickle will definitely tickle my tastebuds..Mouthwatering here.

  • Yummy mango pickle, just need a bowl of curd rice to finish it off!

  • Picture perfect maanga curry, love it with curd rice.

  • Thank you very much for such a lovely and informative post.

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  • Love the photos Sandhya, they look so beautiful….drool-worthy pickle recipe as well 🙂

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  • Very appetizing and delicious!

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