Milagaipodi /Molagapodi | Edible Gun Powder – A side for Dosa’s & Idli

Today, again I am writing this post for my own record. Writing down the recipes that comes from the family. Amma made Dosa Molagapodi aka Milagai podi when she visited me and I made sure I write it down in bits and bobs for my book. Then just like other classics – Rasam & Sambar , I am adding this recipe to the catalogue of  homemade powders.
This recorded recipe is bound to come handy someday !!
I never make any of these podi’s as its taken for granted that they come from home 🙂 Amma, Patty or my Chithi make them for me… So every year , I get a stock of fresh podi’s make by the expertised hands…. 

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These recipe for powders impart flavours used in Palakad style of Cooking. I m being asked many times, why doesnt this powder look like the MTR kind / store bought type. And the answer lies just in the question. These are traditional recipes.

Shelf Life :

6 Months to a Year


15 dry red chillies

1 Cup of Urd Dal

2 Cup Chana Dal ( Split Bengal Gram)

1 Tsp of Til ( optional)
1 1/2 Tsp of Salt ( Suit it to your taste)

1/2 Tsp Hing/Asofoetida 
Tamarind ( optional) 

How to Make Dosa Idli Milagai Podi:

    1. Heat a heavy pan or cheancheti ( heavy metal wok).Dry Roast the dals & red chillies until a uniform dark shade of red is achieved.
    2. Remember to keep stirring to ensure ,they dont get burnt.
    3. Now add Til to the above mix and fry until it gets heated.
    4. Turn off the flame and add the hing. Once the mixture cools down, add the required amount of salt and mix them well.
    5. Once completely cooled down, grind them to obtain a fine powder. If you like, you can keep it coarse. Entirely personal choice.

    How to serve the Podi ?

    Serve a large tablespoon on the plate. Dig a hole in the middle and mix it with a large tablespoon of Seasme Oil. Enjoy this along with the most relished Idli’s and Dosa’s.

    • Always roast in low flame , inorder to avoid burning them.
    • If you are making this podi for storing for a longer time , do not add til in the preparation. After 2-3 months, til starts to impart a stale odour.
    • My aunt always byadgi variety of Red Chillies and this imparts beautiful color to the powder. Also if you like you can use Tamarind.
    • Proportions of Dal in the ingredients varies from person to person and also based on the availability.  

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