Chaat Chutneys

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Chaat Chutneys
Heyloo.. You are at the right stop if you are browsing for the essential Chaat Chutneys.

Talk about Indian Street Food say Chaat, you cannot really make them without these 2 essential Chaat Chutneys – Dates Tamarind Chutney and Coriander Chutney. Folks following me on social media know how much I love Chaat and they are often made in my kitchen.
Chaat Chutneys

I have one more reason to make these lipsmacking tong tingling chutneys.. Yes my new facetted jars & anniversary jars from Kilner. Don’t they look fabulous??

Growing up in Mumbai, Streetfood has been an inseparable part of me. And ever since then, enjoying a perfect Pani puri, Sev Puri, Ragda Patties, Pav Bhaji, Masala Pav, Ram Ladoo etc has become a partial necessity. We have been in London for nearly a decade and finding the perfectly served chaat is far from desired. There will be something amiss always.

Amma has always made Chaat Chutneys home and It has been passed on to me too. Making these chutneys are slightly laborious but you could make them in large portions and stock them in the freezer too. Chaats can be made at a jiffy if you have these chutneys stacked up in your refrigerator.

Chaat Chutneys

DATES TAMARIND CHUTNEY is a lip smacking Essential Chaat Chutney that is generously added on to the chaats to render the sweet tangy flavour just as the name – Khatti Meeti Chutney. Some people call it Sonth chutney, Imli ki Chutney,Sweet Chutney and what not. These are readily available to buy in any asian stores, but trust me I have never bought them.

This chutney is quite popular among friends too and they would actually love the whole jar on the table, not just extra serving 🙂

Most store bought chutneys will be sugar ladened sans dates. So I would highly recommend to make them at home and enjoy them as much as you like.

1 Cup Seedless Dates
1 Cup Tamarind
1 Cup Jaggery
1 Dried Red Chilli
2 Cups of Water + more as needed
1/2 Tsp Salt

Other Ingredients:
1 Tsp Cumin Powder
1/2-3/4Tsp Black Salt
1/2 Tsp Black Pepper
1/2 Tsp Dry Ginger Powder

Combine all the 3 essential Ingredients in a pan along with red chilli and add enough water to dissolve it ..Allow this combination to boil for 15 minutes and let it cool down.
Blend the whole thing to obtain a smooth paste.Use a little water if required.
Once this mixture has cooled down, pass them through a fine sieve and strain the mixture.
Add some more water to the pulp in the sieve and strain the extract again.
Divide this mix into 2 parts. Add 1 tsp of freshly ground Cumin Powder , black pepper , dry ginger powder and black salt to one part. Leave the other part of this chutney as it is .It will be very handy if you have little guests wanting to attack on chats. I would always add the powders just before we want to enjoy chat .In that way there is no confusion .
Store them in small containers and leave them in deep freezer. Use it anytime in the next few months. It will stay fresh.

Chaat Chutneys

Second Essential Chaat Chutney is the Coriander Chutney. This Coriander Chutney is tangy, spicy and a must for the Street Food preparation. A few people do like to add a portion of Mint to it, but thats entirely personal choice. Everyone has their way to make chutneys and I am sharing this recipe that my mum learnt from her Gujrati friend years before. And I have been making it ditto the same way for years now. For me the Green chutney for making Chaat has to be loaded with coriander. Coriander is my favourite most herb and is literally a must in a lot of dishes.

1 Bunch of Coriander leaves, roughly chopped
3-5 Green Chillies
Handful of Nylon Sev
Salt To Taste
Sugar 1/2 Tsp
Good Squeeze of Lemon Juice

12-15 Peanuts ( optional ) ** Use them instead of Nylon Sev, if you are using them as a Spread.

Clean , Wash and Chop the coriander leaves
In a blender add chopped coriander leaves,green chillies,salt,nylon sev and grind them into a fine paste adding very little water if required.
If using this Chutney as a Sandwich Spread, add peanuts to the chutney mixture instead of nylon sev.
Squeeze fresh Lemon Juice and add sugar. Mix them well and store them in small air tight containers and keep it in the fridge.
Adjust salt to taste.

Lemon Juice will help the chutney to retain the bright green color as the acidity from the lemon will prevent the decoloration of the green pigments.
Mint leaves could also be added if available .(Optional)
Chutneys could be stored in small air tight containers in freezer for atleast 3-4 months. Once taken out, do not refreeze them.

Enjoy the 2 essential Chaat Chutneys for making street food.

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  • Love these two recipes and will try them this week.
    Is the Tamerind whole or did you use the jar extract type?
    Thank you

    • I have used Whole Tamarind Cathy. I prefer not to use jar extract for longer shelf life and also they do taste a bit of preservative. Pls do let me know once you try them.

  • Exquisite wouldn’t have thought to put these flavours together


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