Healthy Eggless Chocolate Pancakes

Eggless Chocolate Pancakes

Pure Delight is how I will describe these guilt free Eggless Chocolate Pancakes! Heat your pan, whilst they get hot, stir in your batter. Quick, easy, healthy and delicious they are.

Eggless Chocolate Pancakes

Hi Guys !! Hope you had a fab weekend? Well we did and I have been looking forward to the busy exciting week ahead. My parents are visiting me from India for a very short stay and its going to be  really fun having them around. Kids are all prepared to have some cajoling and koochi-koo time with their grandparents. My missy is more interested to know if her grandma is going to bring her magic painting colouring book. And my {not so little} boy is looking forward to his favourite sweet – Malaadu specially made by his grandma.

I am just so eager to spend some quality time with them home after nearly 6 months. And the cheeky blogger in me is awaiting some gorgeous vintage backgrounds and props that mum dad have picked from family.  My kiddos best friend – their dad { my loving partner} is awaiting a series of delicious south indian cooking over the period of time.  Sometimes when you have family away, it does bond you with them all the more. You want to maximise every little second and make it memorable!


Eggless Chocolate Pancakes

Sometimes we feel the anticipation and the build up towards the gathering or a vacation is what makes things more exciting. 2 weeks is not so long, but there are 100 things we want to do over that period. How I wish time halted !!!  But that’s life isn’t it?

Since my mum never really encouraged eggs in her kitchen, I am enjoying the Eggless Experiments as I mentioned in my previous post. First the Eggless Crepes and now this Eggless Chocolate Pancakes.  Things are not all that hard to cook without them.  Last couple of weeks, coincidently I have been running out eggs only when I wanted to make Waffles for my lil boy’s friends and his quick surprise birthday cake.  With no time in hand, I managed to put up a show in flying colours!!

Eggless Chocolate Pancakes

Tomorrow is National PanCake Day  in UK. Did you know they always fall 47 days before Easter?  Its also known as Shrove Tuesday immediately preceding Ash Wednesday !

I stirred up these Eggless Chocolate Pancake in no time over the weekend and it received double thumbs up by my little honest critic. Well thats all that matters to me! Addition of Chia+Flax Seeds did not give him any change of taste or flavour and enjoyed it thoroughly.

I really value my little miss and mr’s honest opinions as they really don’t have any pre conceived feelings or reservations on them. Without much a do, here’s my recipe for the delicious eggless chocolate pancakes.

Eggless Chocolate Pancakes

Eggless Chocolate Pancakes

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Makes 11 | Serves 3| Time Taken : 25 Min in total

Eggless Chocolate Pancakes

1 Cup + 2 Tbsp Plain Flour
2 Tbsp Cocoa Powder
1 Tbsp Sugar
1 Cup Milk
2 Tsp Baking Powder
1 Tsp Chia + Flax Seeds

A pinch of Salt
2 Tsp Sunflower Oil

Add Flour,Sugar, Baking Powder to a bowl. Gradually add Milk, Sunflower oil with constant whisking in between, making sure there is no lump formation. Stir in a pinch of salt and chia seeds + flax seeds.
Heat the non-stick pan on medium heat, making sure it is hot. Using a tissue paper, coat a layer of oil on it. Pour 2 small ladle of the batter onto the pan, allowing it to spread on its own. When the bubbles begin to appear, flip the pancake and cook for another 1 minute or so. The pancakes would rise about 1/2 inch. Fry until they turn slightly golden.
Repeat the process until all the batter is used up. Keep the pancakes warm by stacking them in an oven ( heated at the lowest setting). I could make 10 – 11 Pancakes with this measurement.

Enjoy Fluffy Healthy Eggless Chocolate Pancakes topped up with raspberries, toasted almonds and maple syrup!

You may omit Sugar in the Eggless Chocolate Pancakes and swap it with Honey or Maple syrup , if you would like.

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  • Beautiful photos for sure. The recipe looks delicious. Will try it this weekend.

  • I can eat eggs but I do like to have the option of eggless sometimes. These look so perfect – can’t wait to try.. Love all that honey drizzling.. Yum..

  • These truly look delightful! Hope you have a great time with your parents visiting! Why is it that your mom discouraged cooking with eggs?

  • Oh that sounds like it’s going to be such a great holiday together, hope you all have so much fun. In the meantime I can’t wait to try these pancakes, I just tried flax seed for the first time the other day and I can’t wait to start using it in my cooking more often. Thanks for the recipe!


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