SK turns 2 !!!! Celebrations with Singara ( Bengali Samosa)

Proud!! Sandhya’s Kitchen turns 2…
My baby is growing to a toddler.. Passing thro the early rough stage , trying to get acquaintances and recognition and get stable while walking.. Many trips , hurting the tender knees… now confidently running around…
SK has given me so much of an identity , allowing my thoughts and scribbling’s to have a reach. Feels  proud when I get to hear from near & far about the blog , about the recipes they tried , successful attempts and their thoughts.. Quite thoughtful of my friends & neighbours who remember to keep aside props thinking about my blog .. Isn’t it very nice of them??? Hugs to Mom & H … specially for picking baking books for me Smile …  Never realised I have a lovely set of silent readers of this space.. A liner from them or a mail from them letting me know , has a heap of significance..
Happy Birthday bloggy baby !!!

Pineapple Juice with Lemon & Ginger


Each & Everyone have their own settling in period… Be it the day after the long weekend or the week after the long India trip .. Or the Monday after your vacation.. Or be it the first day at the nursery…  Any disruption in routine brings a bit of discomfort  but gradually things begin to settle down .. The begining in a new set up …Dont you feel such things happen with you???

Perfect Chocolate Cup Cake

W ot better can we have after a perfect long awaited long weekend !!!! Two consecutive weekends …Made the most of it… enjoying the perfect British Sunshine Sun, swishing bits thro the tele catching glimpses of the Royal Wedding , BBQ , Riverside Walk , settling for hours by the beachIsland with a palm tree , Picture time all the while to capture the right moments and have them in memories..
This lovely cuppy cake was a sure treat for H  for two thing… Firstly for being very thoughtful to pick a baking book for me.. Secondly he picked the book I had in mind and never disclosed it to him… Tat was truly telepathy.. The book was a Hummingbird Bakery cook book . I had read about their Red Velvet cake and had bookmarked it for working on it a bit later … H brings this book for me 3 days after… and I was just dumbstruckSurprised smile….. A smile was struck all the while and beaming even thro the darkness…

Review : Domino’s Reggae Reggae Pizza

T  he day after the perfect sunshine bank holiday and just absolute laziness… Not sure what to cook  and my tummy is rumbling… I took this opportunity to order Vegetarian Reggae Reggae Pizza.. Little did I realise it was a Tuesday today.. and Domino’s offers 2 for 1 deal on a Tuesday.. A cheeky smile on my face and I ordered a Vegetarian Supreme half & half..minus the jalapenos for lil V on other side. I was expecting a regular 50 minutes waiting time as most pizza delivery brands take.
Believe it or not … 15 minutes hence my door bell rung. It was the pizza delivery expert at the door. They are really very quick that I can place an order first, set the table then and there and eat them straight away without even warming up in the oven.

Homemade Pizza Dough

I  love Pizza’s !!!! And who wouldn’t love Domino’s??? They always come up with new promotions ..Way back in India they had this 30 min delivery challenge.. Invariably they wud land up late at my door and deliver it free 🙂 Isnt it lucrative… I used to be a bit worried if the driver/ delivery boy would have to pay a penalty for this.. But I did speak to the store manager who hands it over.. and they were quite clear that the delivery boy’s have got nothing to do with it… This used to give me peace of mind .. and enjoy my Pizza Guilt freee….