Spiced up Buttermilk | Chaas & A recognition

F eels totally delighted to share , Sandhya’s Kitchen has been featured one among the Top Indian Cusine Blog’s for 2010..by Cooking Schools. It did take a while to find my feet stable… A recognition is worth cherishing.. Moreover when we work on something without any expectation ,giving full 100%… any appreciation brings a smile.
Why not treat yourself to this delightful masala chaas.. after a full course meal? This is surely going to be appetising and tummy pacifier…

Indian Street Food | Sev Puri #chat #mumbaistreetfood #indianstreetfood

PS : My pic doesnt have a generous serving… just potray the ingredients .It should be served with tons of Sev to cover the papdi’s.

A special treat from our Mumbai Street Food… I wouldnt say its Papdi Chat.Sev puri is typically Mumbaiya… and the Sev got to be thin… ( nylon sev) . 

Childhood in Mumbai .. is typically having chat every week while escorting Ma to the market and from the same vendor. The chat wala would  be generous and offer One extra papdi with just potatoes| Aloo and sev just incase the chat was spicy .

Serving : 4


Papdi’s24 Nos
Green Chutney1 Cup
Dates Chutney1 Cup
Boiled potatoes , chopped in little chunks2 Nos
Thin(Barik) Sev1 Cup
Cumin Powder2 Tblsp
Chat Masala2 Tblsp
Finely Chopped Onions1 Nos
Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves1/2 Cup

Recipe for Papdi’s , Green Chutney and Dates Chutney up in my blog. Click on the links in the ingredients.


Sev Puri is prepared by arranging 5-6 flat papdi’s , topping it up with chunks of boiled potatoes , drizzle of green chutney and red chutney ,loads of Sev on the top { definitely got to be generous.. cant be kanjoos (miser)}, a sprinkle of chat masala & cumin powder and garnishing with Onion and coriander leaves.

Sending this recipe to Pari’s Only Chat event.. Just in time .. that I can make it for the event.

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Butter Cookies

Uhhh.. Winter has set in…Gloves , Mufflers/ Scarves and Hats on… Shovels , Salt and flu jabs !!
Knock Knock… Christmas fever is also begining .. I m glad … that with all the early darkness , a ray of hope comes in the form of christmas decorations everywhere… Red and silver and glitters 🙂  Inbox flooded with discounts and free deliveries to shop for christmas… Am soo damn tempted.. and turning off my list.. .waiting for the boxing day !!

These cookies are just right , when you are planning to prepare goodies.. for Christmas… And why not? This special recipe travels a long way from South Africa.. An Ouma’s Recipe from thr… Got to be authentic  🙂 Thanks Lavanya for sharing it with me !!

Rajma Chawal – Kidney Beans Rice

After preparing Tortilla Wraps with Kidney Beans, I was wondering what to cook with the left over Kidney Beans…??? I am not a big fan of Rice varieties.. Will wave a flag for a Paratha instead or Phulka with sabji .
Pondering and wandering a bit around the house ,I decided to prepare Rajma Chawal ( Kidney Beans Rice)..H is quite flexible in his choices for food and this definitely gives me a chance to try and experiment 🙂 . Can U believe I have never made this one pot meal before…Surprising isnt it!!!  Prepared this lovely Mixed Rice without a side for H’s lunch to work .. and I enjoyed it too the next day with lil V.

Thatai – Rice Flour based crispies

D  iwali being one of my favourite festivals ,I go an extra mile in preparation for the same.
We had a Diwali get together out here with friends for the 3 consequtive year and with fun n vigour….
I love to learn one new sweet or savory for the occasion …. It really feels fresh with new successful trials… I chose it to be a Southindian Savory – Thatai…  My last post being on Papdi’s ,I had a smile thinking ” One more recipe to the same clan but from the South “.SO where will I get the recipe next thing ???
I do not rely on googling /trial and error versions when trying traditional sweets n savories.. It got be a full proof recipe…  Called up my Granny… , ran a general pre diwali conversation… Told her that I made 40 of Maaladu’s … SHe was over whelmed and immediately shouted all over the house to inform my grandpa … about this… I m still their pampered lil Grand-daughter  who would stumble at the entrance of the door as a 1 year old gal..
Then asked my Patty , ” I m looking to make Thathai . Is it easy or difficult ? ” She immediately told .. .”You can make it!” Just checked if  I have all the ingredients at home before I plan for it.