Alcohol Free Mulled Wine

Cranberry, Apple and Orange Juice is simmered in Mulled Spices, making a perfect alternative to Mulled Wine.

Alcohol free mulled wine

Its a week now since Flu has partially caught me leading into a non-stop cough!! I really mean it non-stop.  Barely can I run a conversation with few words that my noisy banter repeatedly has begun.  All that I could think off is a portion of Honey Lemon Ginger and Cinnamon combo. They are soothing and relaxing, but again it starts all over again. I need a drink to calm the frog in my throat and all I can think of is Mulled Wine.

When Richa from My Food Story  asked me to guest post for her blog, I sent over my Non Alcoholic Mulled Wine which was just perfect!!

Alcohol free mulled wine

Alcohol free mulled wine

I dread the fact that this whoop would start all over again in a short interval, in turn leading in to sleepless nights.  Doc’s out here at the surgery normally advocate that there is no medicine to heal them with an antibiotic. It needs to calm down on its own or with just some honey glycerol syrup that can relieve a dry, tickly, unproductive cough.

Mulling Spices

Star Anise

It has been spices on my mind – Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove with a tickle in my throat. Something warm, something with enhanced flavors!! An all season comforting drink for anyone and everyone is this Alcohol- free Mulled Wine with a combo of fruit juices simmered in Mulled Spices.

What a timing I must mention. Just the right juices were opened in their tetra pack and I didn’t have any necessity to dig things from my pantry or go shopping for them.

Alcohol-free Mulled Wine



600ml Cranberry juice
250ml Apple juice
150ml Orange juice
2 Tsp Honey
Sliced Orange

Mulling spices:

2 quill Cinnamon
2 Star anise
10 Cloves
2 Nos Bay leaves
30g Dried Ginger.
Orange peel  zested
A small pinch of Nutmeg
5 Nos Cardamom

In a pot put sugar and pour orange juice. Boil to syrupy.
Add mulling spices, add other juices.Bring to a simmer for 5 minutes. Turn off the flame and let them rest for 2 hours for spices to infuse.

Strain the spice mix, reserving cinnamon stick, orange slices and Star anise for garnishing into the glasses.  Ladle them into the glasses and add the garnish before serving.

You could also add Allspice.
Since I was having a tickly cough and much-needed ginger, I have used fresh ginger in this recipe.

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